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What is a Medical Escort?

In simple terms a medical escort is transferring a person by a commercial aircraft with a healthcare professional.

CME’s medical escort travel process is a complete bedside to bedside service. CME’s medical team is comprised of highly qualified registered nurses, doctors, and paramedics that not only provide quality medical care to each patient, but also go above and beyond to ensure that the flight process is smooth and comfortable for both the patient and companion.

The medical escort travel process is outlined below so that you can become familiar with how we transfer our patients and the attention to detail that is involved with every medical escort.

Understanding the Flight Process

Before the Flight Process Begins
  • The medical escort that will accompany the patient throughout the transfer or the Chief Flight Nurse will call the facility to get a full detailed medical report
  • Our in-house travel agent will book all the airline tickets for the medical escort, the patient and any companion members traveling
  • Ground transportation is arranged to and from all airports. The type of vehicle is based on the patient’s medical condition and/or needs at the time (Limo, Ambulance, Town Car, Wheelchair Van, SUV, Stretcher Van, etc.)
  • For those countries that require a visa, we will work efficiently and promptly to acquire a same-day visa, unless one of our medical escort’s currently holds a visa for that country (Brazil, China, India, Russia, etc.)
  • We will arrange medical clearance with the airline for a seamless security check in experience.
  • We will arrange approval for a FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator on the airline of travel.
  • Wheelchair assistance is offered and will be noted in the reservation. Typical wheelchair reservations ensure there is a wheelchair available and accessible in all locations at the airport, and loading/unloading of all vehicles.
During the Flight Process
  • Upon arrival into city of origin, the medical escort will go to the patient’ s residence or facility to complete the pre-flight assessment and determine if any changes need to be made.
  • All international flights allow for access to the VIP lounges, with a 4+ hour connection.
  • Our medical escort will provide high quality medical care, including the administering of medications, and assistance with meals, assistance with the bathroom, and other care issues.
  • The medical escort will monitor the patient for any changes during flight and take the appropriate action if required.
  • Regular updates are sent throughout the transport.
  • Upon arrival at the destination, wheel chair or stretcher service will be provided and the escort will assist the patient and companion in acquiring their luggage from baggage claim.
  • The medical escort will ensure the patient is safely delivered to their destination whether it be a residence or a facility.
  • If home oxygen has been arranged, the escort will ensure the patient knows how to use and operate the equipment as well as a companion (if available).
Completion of the Flight Process
  • The escort will provide a full medical report to the receiving physician or nursing station at the facility where the patient is delivered
  • Within 72 hours, the nurse’s notes will be completed and sent to the CME office. All nursing notes will be sent to the client with the invoice and are available upon request by the patient.
  • After the patient is safely delivered home, we invite you to complete an evaluation online to share your experiences and feedback.

Non-Medical Travel Companion

Commercial Medical Escorts provides professional, knowledgeable and trained male and female team members to escort your loved one safely to their destination. Non-medical escort transportation is the perfect service for anyone who avoids traveling alone or may need some additional assistance while traveling by commercial airline either domestic or international, delivering the highest quality of care and support throughout the entire journey.

It is important to consider a non-medical escort for the following situations:

Unattended minors
Elderly travel companion
Hearing or visually impaired
A person with disability
Traveling alone and assistance is needed
Someone with travel anxiety
Limitations are restricting your ability to see loved ones

Non-Medical escort transportation services feature:

Escort you from the departure airport to your destination.
Handle wheelchair assistance.
Coordinate airport check-in.
Carry onboard luggage.
Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint.
Assist during boarding
Accompany you during the flight.
Assist with connecting flights.
Assist with bathroom trips.
Retrieve luggage at baggage claim.
Nonmedical escort travel

Medical Escort vs. Air Ambulance

A Commercial Stretcher is a row of seats removed and replaced with a stretcher. If the patient is unable to sit up and requires a lie-flat position throughout the transport, commercial Stretchers are a great alternative over a critical care air ambulance. Commercial stretcher service requires detailed medical clearance and coordination with the airlines, their medical desk and engineering departments. This can take 5 to 7 days to make all arrangements, although we have arranged airline stretcher service in as little as 48 hours. CME works with specific airlines to ensure that an FAA approved stretcher is properly secured into the aircraft, and to accommodate all the necessary medical equipment. 

Many patients within the United States and around the world are capable of flying via a commercial airline being accompanied by a physician or nurse medical escort. The patient’s physician and our medical team can assist in evaluating the patient and determining his or her needs.

CME works with specific airlines to ensure that an FAA approved stretcher is properly secured into the aircraft, and also to accommodate all the necessary medical equipment.
Commercial stretcher service requires detailed medical clearance and coordination with the airlines and therefore it takes approximately 5 to 7 days to make all arrangements, although we have arranged airline stretcher service in as little as 48 hours. This service is available on international flights. Unfortunately, at this time commercial stretcher service is not available on US domestic flights
Commercial Stretcher Service offers a significant cost savings over air ambulance with the same level of care. The longer the distance of the flight, the more cost savings are realized
Commercial Stretcher Service is accompanied by the appropriate medical staff ensuring that the patient has quality patient care and medical attention throughout the flight
Most importantly, we handle all of the logistics and arrangements so that you have a feeling of comfort and stress-free travel

Medical Escort via Commercial Airlines- “Your Air Ambulance Alternative”

It is also important to recognize that the accommodations on a commercial airline differ significantly from an air ambulance:

Luxury of first class or business class service
Full inflight amenities including full meals on most flights
Patient is able to get up and ambulate including the use of restrooms. Most fixed wing air ambulance do not have bathrooms on board.
Long international flights often offer lay flat seating in business class
Most destinations have direct flights or just one connection- during the connection you may relax in the business class lounge if available
Unless you're critically ill, usually commercial alternatives offer a more comfortable option for transportation. 
Most Air Ambulances are small with no lavatory, have to make multiple fuel stops, limited space for luggage or travel companion. 

Concierge Services

Concierge Services at Commercial Medical Escorts is your guide to getting all the VIP services you need from one trusted company. For all our clients’ convenience, each concierge service provided by CME is available 24/7, completed efficiently with attention to detail and delivered to exceed your expectations. Please contact us to inquire about any of the following services that can be arranged.

Ground Transportation

CME will determine the type of ground transportation that is needed based on the medical condition of the patient to get to and from the airport. We provide bedside-to-bedside care which can include: Town car, limo, SUV, ambulance, stretcher vans, wheelchair vans and private car transfers are available throughout all airports and destinations within our Worldwide network.

Visa Professionals

We have VISA Professionals available to assist you with acquiring a VISA when travelling to another country. Not only do we have professionals ready to help, this service provides you with up to date information on those countries requiring a visa based on your country of citizenship. 

Plane Tickets & Other Travel

CME has a full in-house travel department, that can assist you with making travel arrangements to destinations all around the world. See FLYCME for more information.

Onsite Medical Management

Outside transporting patients, CME has experience with medical management of large groups. We have experience, with staffing knowledgeable medical personal for a variety of events such as company gatherings, movie production sites, concerts, and conferences. Our team will set up with all basic necessary medical supplies to handle minor issues that should arise.

Medical Consultation with a Doctor

Entrust your important health concerns with one of our on-call physicians. With this concierge service, you can rest assure that all of our consulting physicians are extensively trained to provide you, your client, and/or your family with quality care.

Arranging Hospital / Rehab / Nursing Home Admission

CME’s strong network throughout the country and experience in the health care industry, can assist you in acquiring admission even in some of the most remote facilities around the world.

With proper documentation provided by you, we will contact any hospital or facility and work to ensure admission with no hiccups or issues.

Home O2 Arrangments

We understand that it may be difficult arranging your own home oxygen, but rest assured, CME can easily assist with this issue. Once we have all proper documentation needed, we are able to find and supply the right concentrator based on the diagnosis and needs.

Medical Clearance & Equipment

As a medical escort company, we have our nurses and doctors equipped with the necessary medical equipment to complete each medical escort assignment.

If the patient requires oxygen for the flight, the flight coordinator will arrange that need with the airline during the ticketing process OR provide the medical personnel with a portable oxygen concentrator. CME has developed relationships with most airlines and is able to make the arrangements very smoothly.

In-House Travel Agent

As we are well aware, disruptions often happen when traveling by commercial air. By having an in-house travel agent, our medical transport company is able to make changes and anticipate any of those disruptions and act accordingly. We monitor each and every flight, and always look for the best itinerary for the patient while being cost effective.


The European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) - Our newest achievement has been successfully completing our EURAMI accreditation in 2019, now being the first medical escort company to be duel accredited in the US and Europe. Working alongside EURAMI helps CME understand the European medical standards, as well as working hand in hand with European providers. 


Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA)- THIA is an association of Canadian travel insurance. CME has been an active member since 2010.


United States Travel Insurance Association (USTIA)- CME has been an active member of the USTIA since 2010. Working with the top US travel Insurance underwriters, through the past years, CME has provided representation on various committees and served as a USTIA board member.

Michael Margolies


Dr. Margolies is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now resides in Boca Raton, Florida. He joined the CME team in 2013 as a Flight Doctor. Michael received his medical degree from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and has been in practice for more than 20 years as an ER physician. A man of many trades, Dr. Margolies is also a private pilot.

Julie Dilorenzo


Julie Di Lorenzo, is originally from Andover, Massachusetts and is now residing in Phoenix, Arizona. She joined the CME team in 2015. Julie has 30 years’ experience in Cardiac ICUs in hospitals throughout the United States. Julie’s favorite saying is “caring for someone and giving them the support they need during a difficult time is what makes my job so worthwhile.”

Amanda Smrcka


Amanda Smrcka, is originally from Banstead, Surrey, UK and is now residing in Detroit, Michigan. She joined the CME team in 2010. Amanda has 21 years experience in stroke, trauma and orthopedics in various hospitals throughout the United States. Her favorite quote is “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking"—Buddhist saying.

Isabel Domingez


Isabel Dominguez, is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and is now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She joined the CME team in 2007. Isabel worked as a flight attendant before starting her nursing career of 29 years in all areas of nursing. Isabel enjoys missionary assignments and helping families in India. 

Edward Mutzl


Edward Mutzl, is originally from Elkhart, Indiana and now resides in Mesa, Arizona. He joined the CME team in 2012. Edward has 25 years‘ experience in medical care and occupational therapy. Any opportunity he can he visits his family in Japan. He also enjoys cycling and the outdoors. 

Carmen Novitski


Carmen Novitski, is originally from Hawley, Pennsylvania and now resides in San Antonio, Texas. He joined the CME team in 2010. Carmen has 22 years’ experience as a full-time helicopter flight nurse and paramedic. Carmen enjoys spending time with his wife and twin daughters; they love vacations and exploring new places.

Walter Kerr


Walter Kerr is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and now resides in Jenson Beach, Florida. He joined the CME team in 2016 and became the official safety officer in 2019. Walter has 30 years experience as a flight and critical care paramedic and 27 years as a veteran police officer. Walter enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid golfer.

Alexandra Crosby


Alexandra Crosby, is originally from Seattle, Washington and now resides in Boynton Beach Florida. Alexandra joined CME in 2017 and most recently joined the FLY CME team in 2018, taking on the lead agent role. She loves coming to work, knowing she will learn something new each and every day. She enjoys spending time with her family and her twin grandbabies.

Susanne Bazos


Susanne Bazos, is originally from South Florida. She joined the CME team in 2019 and most recently has taken on the accounting supervisor role. An FAU grad she studied multimedia studies with a minor in sociology. She enjoys couponing, her Frenchie's and spending time with her family.

Hector Romero


Hector Romero, is originally from Valencia, Spain and now resides in South Florida. He joined the CME team in 2019. Hector studied international business and trade. He has also recently joined our FLY CME team in 2020. Hector enjoys playing the guitar, traveling to exotic places, and loves to see happy reunited families after a challenging medical transport case.